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Market Update #2 – June 24, 2016

As was indicated by the pre-market stock futures, the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened weakly.

As a point of perspective, this is 55 points from where we began the week, or 0.31%.

Perhaps more interestingly, the FTSE 100 Index, which is the primary index in the UK, based in London, is down 2.40% in today’s session but higher by 2.6% on the week2.

While other European markets are faring less well on the week (for instance the EuroStoxx 50, which is a larger gauge of companies in the EU, is down 1.4% for the 5 days3), the framing biases of dissecting individual sessions can sometimes be deceiving.

I also thought that the following chart and link (below the chart) are worth sharing as insights to the psychology at the polls yesterday in Britain:



This is in no way intended to understate the impact of what has taken place.  More to provide context and points of clarity in the emotional trading environment the exists currently.

I’ll be back shortly,  dc


1,2,3Source: Bloomberg Market Data



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